The Undergraduate Research Students' Association is an undergraduate research community committed to expanding access to undergraduate research at UTK.


Submit your abstract for the 7th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium!

We welcome all Tennessee undergraduates from all disciplines to submit their abstracts for consideration. See the Symposium heading for more information.

What is research?

Research is not just pipetting in a laboratory. URSA is committed to expanding the traditional definition of undergraduate research on campus. Our definition? Finding something you are passionate about, learning about it, and contributing something new to it--whether that be a work of art, a written work, or an experiment. 


Who researches?

Everyone can research! Undergraduate research is not just for honors students, science students, or overachievers, and you don't need a lot of background to dive in. Undergraduate research is meant to be a learning experience. Never be deterred by inexperience or the perception that you don't know enough. 

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Why research?

URSA strongly believes that undergraduate research is a transformative experience, critical to making the undergraduate college experience worthwhile. It's a great way to explore your interests, figure out if you really want to do what you think you want to do, and develop personal relationships with your professors.

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